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A veteran of the extreme sports world, Pete is an avid cross-country and backcountry skier, mountain biker, cyclist, and backwoods hiker. Firsthand life experience and long tenure in the physical therapy field have enhanced his intimate knowledge of the body’s adaptive capacity, plus a competitive edge for problem-solving at the highest level of training. Understanding all too well that time waits for no one, Pete creates and implements at full tilt an individualized plan of performance recovery within a sustainable framework customized to each world-class athlete.


After 30+ years of successfully guiding the world’s best competitors, Pete has developed a virtual delivery method for his tried-and-true treatment philosophy and application. Excited about bleeding-edge advancements in telehealth technologies, Pete now offers on-demand, location-independent evaluation and treatment of acute performance injuries and ongoing training enhancement. Drawing from a personal inventory of successful case studies, and a fine-tuned approach to treatment solutions, Pete channels the power and focus of each athlete into a guided program of individualized remote care.


Still active in sports therapy all over the world, Pete lectures in advanced sports therapy techniques at home and abroad, and continues his clinical practice through Winthrop PT in Washington’s Methow Valley. Founded with wife, Janice, in 1992, the business specializes in active, high-demand patients, focusing on orthopedic injury recovery, post-surgery rehab, and concussion management.


In addition to developing and supervising training programs for the US Forest Service and Methow Valley Nordic Team in Washington, Pete travels the international World Cup circuit with the US Ski & Snowboard Team and several professional cycling organizations across the globe. He also has served as soigneur for the Irish national team, and visits France each summer to assist the Annecy road biking club during mountain pass trips. All told, Pete's career mastery and deeply felt passion for competitive sports are one in the same.

  • MPT (Master of Physical Therapy)

  • SCS (Sports Certified Specialist) 

About WCP


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What We Do

World Cup Physio gets you back to activity and training in the fastest way possible. We utilize advanced treatment methods that top Uphill Athletes and competitors use when injury is compromising their big event.

How We Do It

We understand your training load, and will perform a complete assessment to identify the issues involved. A specific treatment plan will be implemented to get you back on track.

Return To Training

The longer an injury percolates, the longer it takes to resolve.  Our online platform allows for quick intervention to deal with the injury now. You have direct access to the same fast response to injury our top international athletes enjoy.

What's My Path?

Not sure how World Cup Physio can help? Have chronic or difficult injuries? Any questions you would like answered first? Talk to Pete via our live PT chat, or reach out by phone or email to discuss with certainty how we can help.

Cost & Availability

Need more information about availability and cost before booking an appointment? Check out our Services and FAQs, or try our live PT chat feature.

30 Minute Session: $55


60 Minute Session/Initial assessment: $115



You want back in the game with as little downtime as possible. Treating an injury at the onset vastly speeds recovery and prevents training time loss. Traditional treatment access may require a doctor's visit, and clinics can have weeks-long appointment delays.  World Cup Physio's direct online access eliminates traditional barriers by offering on-demand, on-site treatments wherever you are. 



On the World Cup circuit, we see patients an average of 7-14 sessions per week, for highly effective physio 'dosing' and instantaneous, as-needed program adjustments to ensure rapid, individualized performance recovery. Tailored especially for the competitive sports arena, World Cup Physio offers as many sessions as you need, per day, week, or month, for as long as you need us.


When you're training close to 900 hours per year, time management is crucial. World Cup Physio understands your demand for immediate gains and rapid results. That's why our leading-edge intervention strategies are designed to sort and solve even the most complex injuries and chronic complaints via the most direct path to full performance recovery.

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It takes a pioneer to see a unicorn. Like every elite athlete we see, World Cup Physio has dedicated our practice to achieving and maintaining gold-standard performance. In short, it takes one to know one, and we're proud to be aligned with some of the world's most rare individuals. To us, you're not a problem to be solved—you're a unique opportunity to win.

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