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Jessie Diggins Olympic Athlete



Olympic Gold Medalist

4x World Championship Medalist

“It’s so important as an athlete to have fast access to good treatment and a connection with a physical therapist! I feel so lucky to have worked with Pete, and his help on the road has been huge in keeping me race-ready."



Competitive Runner

Full-Time Teacher

"I started working with Pete after getting frustrated with the long and slow  recovery process from tendonitis following a running overuse injury.  We met over a video conference line and he demonstrated strengthening exercises I could do and was able to watch my technique and give me cues.  He also developed a plan to gradually progress me back into running, and it was easy to communicate with him between therapy sessions to adapt the plan based on how I was responding.  He always took the time to explain the 'why' behind each exercise, and I learned a lot that will help me prevent injuries in the future.  As a full-time teacher, it was really nice to be able to flexibly schedule a therapy appointment around my busy schedule, and I could conference with him from anywhere with no need to add in travel time to and from appointments!  I'm happy to report that I'm back to running again and am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work with Pete through this injury."

Kelsey rollerski.JPG


2014 World Junior Championships & IBU Cup Teams

"One of my favorite aspects of training for Nordic skiing is that I can do so many other sports. My favorites include running, rock climbing, back country skiing, road biking and mountain biking."

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